Best Places to Shop

Visiting a new place won’t be complete without buying some souvenirs to give to family and friends back home. Sri Lanka has lots of great souvenir items to offer its tourists and they can be bought at various places. The best part is these authentic Sri Lankan products are very affordable.

Colombo, the capital city, is where shoppers can find export-quality clothes at rock bottom prices. More »

Care for Some Ceylon Tea?

Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka, may no longer carry its original name but not to worry because the name is still used in its major produce, the tea. Ceylon tea remains to be popular worldwide owing to its unique taste and richness.

Sri Lanka today boasts of a wide expanse of tea plantations spanning more than 188,000 hectares that produce some 298,000 tonnes of tea. Interestingly, the country’s tea produce makes up 19 percent of the world exports. More »

Tea Facts from Sri Lanka You Need to Know

Sri Lanka is well known for its tea produce and vast plantations. It is also the world’s fourth largest tea producer and one of the top tea exporters. But did you know that tea is not actually native to Sri Lanka?

Tea was brought to the country in 1869 to replace the unsuccessful coffee plantations that were struck by the coffee-rust fungus. It was the British people who brought the first tea plants from China in 1824 after they established their plantations in Assam. The British colonized the former Ceylon in 1801. More »

Best Ways to Enjoy a Trip in Sri Lanka

Not many people know that Sri Lanka is a top tourist destination. It’s a small yet beautiful country that boasts of amazing attractions and warm people. And to the beach lovers, the place is definitely a paradise.

How then can you experience an unforgettable stay in Sri Lanka? There are many ways to do that and you can start from simply interacting with the locals.

Sri Lanka villa

Meet the Sri Lankans

The people in Sri Lanka are warm and friendly. As such, it is worth your time meeting and interacting with them. More »

Handmade Souvenirs in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has so many things to offer tourists visiting from around the world. Whether it’s beautiful places, food and souvenir items, the country offers plenty of choices.

Tourists on the hunt for great souvenir items will not be disappointed when in Sri Lanka. With the country’s rich artistic traditions, one can surely find interesting and well made items they can take home or give as gifts to family and friends back home.


Take note that Sri Lanka is home to artisans capable of creating unique souvenir items and home decors from different media such as wood, stone, ebony, lace, lacquer and batik. Handmade crafts are available at major resorts as well as in specific areas. It’s best, however, to take the time to go around to be able to find more quality and excellent crafts including antiques at great prices. More »

Best and Must-Try Sri Lankan Dishes

Sri Lanka is well known for its spicy dishes similar to its neighbor India. But while this may be so, the island has its own unique cuisine that visitors should find time to savor.

Not many people are aware that Sri Lankans love spices as well as deep fried and tasty food. Two of the most important ingredients in their dishes as fish and coconut which are abundant in the country. Other basics are rice, native tropical fruits and vegetables.

Curry is the most common dish but it comes in different versions. It usually comes with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, eggplant and pumpkin as well as the native veggies like drumstick plant, jackfruit and bitter gourd. Get to know your favorite curries here. More »

The Uniqueness of Koneswaram Temple

Sri Lanka is home to many Buddhist and Hindu temples. These religious places have a rich history and boast of architectural designs unique only to the country.

The Koneswaram Temple is one of the famous Shivan temples in the former Ceylon worth exploring. Historically, it is known as the Thirukonamamalai Konesar Kovil or the Temple of the Thousand Pillars which was destroyed in the 17th century by the Portuguese.

Koneswaram temple

Situated in the eastern province of Trincomalee formerly Thirukonamalai, it stands stop the Swami Rock overlooking the harbor port town. The primary deity here is the Hindu God Lord Shiva who takes the form of Konesar. More »